Barcelona, beers and babies in bellies: this is the account of my nine months of pregnancy. It is a three-way diary told from the perspectives of my boyfriend, baby and myself. From panic to preparation, I talk about our emotional rollercoaster and the development of the baby told from the bump. It takes place in Barcelona, Bath and Somerset.

Ambessa Run: 724 km across Zimbabwe

In April 2016 I decided to run across Zimbabwe, from Harare to Victoria Falls, a total of 724 km. This was to raise money and awareness for mental health (as my own was questioned when I told people I would be running alone through lion and elephant territory!) and because I bloody love running. From sleeping with snakes, chomping down chick peas, to looking out for lions, running across a sub-Saharan African country with one support vehicle and a guitar in tow, was the best and worst thing I ever did!