Coronavirus Diaries – Days 16-19

So much for a daily diary during this quarantine, the days just roll into one! I would simply rattle off a hideously boring and detailed description of the minutiae of my day – but there is no time! At the moment I am working three jobs (albeit part-time, but three!)...

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Coronavirus Diaries – why remember Groundhog Day?

I am grateful for the support coming in all directions, and immensely proud of and humbled by the doctors, nurses and brave health-workers putting their lives on the line all around the world. I hope that when we are on the other side of this COVID-19 pandemic the world will be a very different place for those working in public health. Let them have the bankers’ bonuses, politicians’ salaries, and celebrity status that they deserve.

The Coronavirus Diaries

Quarantine Day 11 I ran around the house today. 100 times. It took me over an hour, and according to my app “RunKeeper” I ran 1.8 km. Which means it would take me about 20 hours to run a marathon. I would like to run further tomorrow – it is just so boring. I tried to...

Coronavirus Diaries – Day 11 of Imprisonment

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Day 10 of Imprisonment

They didn’t let me outside again today. Bastards! I know they must miss me when I go to Nursery school but I think this is pretty out of order. One day, everything was normal. I get up in the morning, I let Her give me my “num nums” (she loves making those silly...

Quarantine – Days 2 & 3

Day 2 of Quarantine! I wouldn’t say so much “Netfilx and Chill” as flat and resigned. The COVID-19 global pandemic isn’t disappearing overnight, and I feel like the general household consensus was that we had to turn down the emotional energy and stress – or just burn out. Well, apart from Mary that is! There’s no greater motivator than a toddler.

Spain ShutDown – Day 1

“More people die of the flu every day”. Yes – but we don’t know where this is going, that’s what scares me. This is a two-line summary of the daily discussions I had with my boyfriend for the last couple of weeks, ever since that weird “coronavirus” that started in...

Ca-Tour-lunya Itinerary

Here’s the lowdown and detailed itinerary of my Costa Brava and La Garrotxa weekend! Barcelona – Vic – Garrotxa – Figueres – Port Lligat – Cadaques – Barcelona. All in 3 days!

Free Verse on 1917

After coming home bit emotionally wrecked from the brilliant but brutal film 1917, tried "free verse" for the first time. I.e. writing what you think - no filter or edits. It's fun - you should try it! Love Belle x Time to write free verse something Ive never trie.d...

The Sea threw up this Morning

Gloria the “storm of the century” hit eastern Spain. Record level waves washed up tons of rubbish from the sea. Following the catastrophic Catalan storm, here is what has happened to the Barcelona beaches and how you can help.

Taking the Mural High Ground

“You havesuch pearly white teeth. I had better pluck them out of your mouth, just incase you fall or forget to brush your teeth.” Said the MNAC(Museu Nacional de Arte Catalonia) to the caves and small churches dottedaround the country. “I love theway you’ve done your...