Hello! I'm Nellie

World Traveller & Writer

Ahoy there!

Let me tell you about my favourite person – me! My name is Nellie English, I am a self-styled pirate sailing the seas of Barcelona, my home for the last seven years.

I run like Forest Gump, sing like a cat and throw ball like a blind penguin. My best skills are writing, drawing and falling over. I love embarking on mad nonsensical adventures and I tell a roaring good yarn.

You can read about rum-fuelled and now baby-filled shenanigans in Barcelona, listen to my SexyBeer podcast (https://anchor.fm/SexyBeer). Hey maybe you’ll even want to buy a copy of my book or commission some art?

Please click, share and buy away – donate some rum to a thirsty pirate and keep the blog a sailin’!


Recent Posts

Free Verse on 1917

After coming home bit emotionally wrecked from the brilliant but brutal film 1917, tried "free verse" for the first time. I.e. writing what you think - no filter or edits. It's fun - you should try it! Love Belle x Time to write free verse something Ive never trie.d...

The Sea threw up this Morning

Gloria the “storm of the century” hit eastern Spain. Record level waves washed up tons of rubbish from the sea. Following the catastrophic Catalan storm, here is what has happened to the Barcelona beaches and how you can help.

Christmas: ‘Tis the Season to be Wasteful

Everyone loves mulled wine! Said no one, ever. To paraphrase the comic great Michael McIntyre, Christmas is a time where people (reluctantly) drink hot wine, “fart grenades” and pour liquid bread onto their dry chicken substitute. Across the globe, the festive season...