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Ahoy there!

Let me tell you about my favourite person – me! My name is Nellie English, I am a self-styled pirate sailing the seas of Barcelona, my home for the last seven years.

I run like Forest Gump, sing like a cat and throw ball like a blind penguin. My best skills are writing, drawing and falling over. I love embarking on mad nonsensical adventures and I tell a roaring good yarn.

You can read about rum-fuelled and now baby-filled shenanigans in Barcelona, listen to my SexyBeer podcast (https://anchor.fm/SexyBeer). Hey maybe you’ll even want to buy a copy of my book or commission some art?

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Recent Posts

Ca-Tour-lunya Itinerary

Here’s the lowdown and detailed itinerary of my Costa Brava and La Garrotxa weekend! Barcelona – Vic – Garrotxa – Figueres – Port Lligat – Cadaques – Barcelona. All in 3 days!

Coronavirus Diaries – Days 16-19

So much for a daily diary during this quarantine, the days just roll into one! I would simply rattle off a hideously boring and detailed description of the minutiae of my day – but there is no time! At the moment I am working three jobs (albeit part-time, but three!)...

Coronavirus Diaries – why remember Groundhog Day?

I am grateful for the support coming in all directions, and immensely proud of and humbled by the doctors, nurses and brave health-workers putting their lives on the line all around the world. I hope that when we are on the other side of this COVID-19 pandemic the world will be a very different place for those working in public health. Let them have the bankers’ bonuses, politicians’ salaries, and celebrity status that they deserve.

The Coronavirus Diaries

Quarantine Day 11 I ran around the house today. 100 times. It took me over an hour, and according to my app “RunKeeper” I ran 1.8 km. Which means it would take me about 20 hours to run a marathon. I would like to run further tomorrow – it is just so boring. I tried to...